The Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site, located just north of Stanton, was established in 1974 to preserve and interpret the archaeological and historic remains of Plains Indian culture. Facilities at the Park include a visitor center with museum exhibits, a full scale earthlodge and hiking trails to the village sites and natural areas.

The Foundation (KRIHF) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote the preservation, development, and public understanding of Knife River Indian Villages NHS (KNRI). The Foundation assists in providing aid to the park and educating the public in cooperation with Knife River Indian Villages NHS.

The Foundation consists of citizens personally and professionally interested in the National Historic Site and membership to the Foundation is open to any individual or business.

A Board of Directors and an Advisory Board oversee the business of the Foundation. The Board of Directors is elected from the general membership and they are the governing board of the Foundation. A president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer are elected by the general membership. Presently, the offices of president and vice president, as well as directors, are shared with Native Americans from the Three Affiliated Tribes in New Town.

The Board of Directors schedules regular public meetings to conduct the business of the Foundation.

The Foundation's major goals include:

  • Increasing interest and understanding of the history and cultural resources of KNRI.
  • Support interpretive activities of the National Historic Site.
  • Solicit new members and keep members informed on the developing activities and programs.
  • Promote continued archeological research and preservation efforts at KNRI.
  • Work with the Native American Community; local, state and federal officials; and elected legislators and Congressmen to encourage input and funding to research and develop KNRI.
  • Promote, enhance and develop the surrounding area through tourism by focusing on KNRI as a destination.